The advice to drink enough water is certainly in order. Isn't the recommended daily one and a half litres too much? No, it is not. Our organism often has to run at full speed in order to eliminate all the toxins that we take in through our diet and the substances that we breathe. Water plays a major role in this.

     But I have such a hard time keeping up with that' is a remark I often hear. A practical tip is to drink two or three large glasses of water in the morning just after getting up. After all, we are most dehydrated after sleeping. That's when the need for water is greatest. If you already drink half a litre of water, then you will get your intended one and a half litre during the rest of the day. However, if you notice by 16:00 that you haven't drunk yet, it's difficult to get your amount. It is better not to drink just before, during and just after meals.