The influence of nutrition on stress


Stress can really be controlled with homeopathy, with phytotherapy and nutrition.


You have stress. But what do you do about it? How can you safely bridge a period of stress without medication? What can you do to maintain your health, even if the tension is particularly high? Well, you only need to know what to take, and in what circumstances.


Maybe you already know some plant remedies that are recommended in case of nervousness, such as valerian, passiflora, lavandula or hypericum. Do you know exactly how they affect the nervous system? Because, the more accurate the choice of your drug, the better the result of course.


This e-book is the result of years of daily practice. A large part of it is based on the experience of patients themselves, who told me about the measures that did them good when they were under stress.


This e-book was also written for this purpose: as a user's book. As a practical service with a toolbox of tools and possibilities that you can use in a safe way to treat yourself in case of stress: simple tips on what to eat and what not to eat, natural aids, vegetable and other natural products, safe means that are within your reach and that are easy to handle.


Topics covered

e-book Stop Stress - part 2

'Stress is really controllable'

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